Dancers are instruments, like a piano the

choreographer plays.  ~ George Balanchine

*  Ballroom & Swing Classes - Jeff's 

     Next Level Dance Academy

Welcome to Dancing With Patricia LLC (DWP).  DWP's mission is to provide affordable access to the art and culture of dance to the Billings and greater Montana community.  


What to expect from DWP Studio:

* Affordable graduated pricing system

* Private lessons catered to individual needs

* Fun learning atmosphere

* Classes taught with enthusiasm and passion

* Most of all, you can expect honesty and encouragement ~ anyone with a desire to dance, has the potential to dance with practice and positive feedback

The following dances are taught through DWP studio:


*  Choreography (Wedding Dances)

*  West Coast Swing

*  Single, Double, and Triple Swing

*  Salsa/Mambo

*  Cha-cha

*  Rumba

*  Night Club Two-Step

*  Foxtrot

*  Waltz

*  American Tango



DWP welcomes students of all ages, children to adults. No prior experience required.