Champion Manny Viarrial Returns to Billings


Dancing With Patricia introduces Lindy Hop

Manny Viarrial will be teaching West Coast Swing.  Manny is a renowned competitor, performer, and instructor in a variety of partner dances, including West Coast Swing.  He has been dancing for over 35 years, beginning in freestyle modern, jazz, hip-hop and hustle, moving in to West Coast Swing in 1982.  Manny is now a Champion-level West Coast Swing competitor and coach, and has been awarded “Top Dance Instructor” at numerous events.  He holds over 200 first place titles since the start of his career in 1978. 

Allie took her first lindy hop lesson in college at UC Berkeley in 2009. She became active in the lindy hop performance group on campus and in the social dancing community in the bay area, eventually teaching countless beginner, some intermediate, and solo Charleston lessons on campus. From the bay area of California, Allie moved to Orange County for a few years, active in local competitions as well as travelling to national events for social dancing and competitions alike. Due to the variety of influences on her dancing, including the creativity of the bay area and the grace and technicality of Orange County, her style is decidedly unique. To Allie, lindy hop is a wonderful outlet to express individuality. She also loves that it is a dance where both the lead and follow can influence how the partnership responds to the music. She leads and follows, believing that roles of the dance should be a choice by the dancer and not mandated by one's gender.

Allie considers herself to be more of a concept and technique teacher than a “move” teacher: she would rather her students come away from her classes executing a few moves well and actually leading and following them socially rather than faking it through a bunch of moves poorly and forgetting all of them after class on the dance floor.

We will be combining this with the Jack-n-Jill-athon event that we regularly host - this time will be a fun Superhero theme, so feel free to come in some fun attire!


We will also have the SwingKidz Extravaganza, a performance fundraiser to help the SwingKidz finance their trip to the Boston Tea Party in March.  Tickets to this performance are $15 and admit you to both the performance itself, as well as the WCSMT Social Dance Party that night!


Private lesson openings are limited - call Patricia Hampton, 406-850-8669, to check for availability and book your lesson today! Lessons are $85 for an hour or $50 for a half hour.

The Instructor's workshop will be limited to instructor-level dancers. If you are interested in this workshop but uncertain of your qualifications, please feel free to contact us.

DECEMBER 1~5, 2016 . . . 

That's right, Manny is back!  Over the past year, Manny has become more than an instructor from afar, he has become a personal coach and a true member of the Billings West Coast Swing community. Don't miss this opportunity to join in workshops, private lessons, and other exciting activities with this incredible coach!


Also, we are excited to introduce a workshop in Lindy Hop by Allie Cohen, a national competitor and advanced level dancer in Lindy!

Sign up by Friday, November 25th, for the discounted $12/workshop rate - prices increase Thanksgiving weekend!

Color Key for Schedule

Yellow: Classes with Jarrett & Patricia (Beginner

                Review is Free) ~ CDS the Edge

Lime: Workshops with Manny Viarrial ~ CDS the Edge

Bright Blue: SwingKidz Extravaganza (Fundraiser) ~ 2905 (2905 Montana Ave)

White: Dance Party organized by WCSMT~ 2905 (2905 Montana Ave)