Frequent customers earn **Rewards**

Beginning September 1, 2016, for every $250 spent through DWP studio*, earn a reward!

Rewards can be redeemed in the form of Product Credits:

* $20 Toward Private Lesson

- Or - 

* $20 Toward Sway'd Shoe Order

- Or - 

* $15 Toward an It Works Product of Your Choice


We will track your rewards points and let you know when you have earned your nextProduct Credit!

* Restrictions may apply.

Rewards are earned with the purchase of Sway'd Shoes through DWP Studio, boot decor, private lesson fees with Patricia Hampton, outside instructor workshops, and group class fees for the Technique Geek series and the Jack-n-Jill-athon series.  

Purchases of other group class fees, such as salsa, special event fees, special class fees, outside instructor private lessons, and all other unique workshop registrations will not be added in when calculating reward points.