World Travelling CoachTracy Staten Visits Billings

Announcing Billings' second annual Westie Women's Weekend!  While the weekend will feature events and workshops for men, women, children, leaders, and followers alike, this weekend has several workshops and activities specifically designed to empower and celebrate the women in our local Westie community.


Traditionally, our community sees a greater follower population.  This weekend provides opportunity to further build relationships with other Westie women, partake in ladies exclusive stretch and isolation workshops, and excel personal growth in dance with specialized workshops in solo-training.

All of the Follower classes will provide training and drills for styling and variations a follower can do regardless of the level of the leader!

APRIL 5-9, 2018. . . 

Westie Women's Weekend

Both on and off the dance floor, Tracy is known for her boundless energy, upbeat personality, and lighthearted approach to dancing. Since falling in love with West Coast Swing in 2008, Tracy has worked with top instructors such as Robert Royston, Barry Jones, & Kellese Key. With a background in teaching gymnastics, as well as a history of ballet, jazz, and tap, Tracy is focused on movement that is marked by both strength and grace. Additionally, Tracy also teaches Swank, the HOT West Coast Swing workout that’s taking the world by storm, and has been competing in West Coast Swing for 9 years. Tracy is now a fulltime traveler promoting her new business “TracyFace”, with which she is spreading smiles to give others back their own. She is looking forward to her travels and being able to bring smiles and share her great love of this dance.

“I look forward to being a part of your dance journey and you a part of mine! See you on the dance floor!”


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30-Minute Lesson: $55

1 Hour Lesson: $90


- Coffee Meet & Greet

- Taco Bar

- Beauty Bar

- 2 Lunches

- Movie Night

- 2 Ladies-Only Workshops


Workshop Fees & Discount Packages

WWW Platinum Pass - Ladies-Only:  Value $250

  • All 6 Westie Women's Weekend Activities

  • 9 General Admission Workshops

  • 2 Lunches

  • Video Pass

  • DVD Re-Cap of ALL Workshops

  • Saturday Night Social Dancing

WWW Half-Platinum Ladies-Only: Value $150

  • All 6 Westie Women's Weekend Activities

  • 4 General Admission Workshops

  • 2 Lunches

  • Video Pass

  • Saturday Night Social Dancing


Gold Pass: Value $200

  • 11 General Admission Workshops

  • Saturday Lunch

  • DVD Re-Cap of General Admission Workshops

  • Video Pass

  • Saturday Night Social Dancing


Silver Pass: Value $130

  • 6 General Admission Workshops

  • Saturday Lunch

  • Saturday Night Social Dancing

Individual Workshops:

  • $15 each

Saturday Night Social Dance:

  • $7

Official DVD Re-Cap:

  • $25 each

Video Pass:

  • $15

Drop-Ins to Lunches/Taco/Beauty Bar:

  • $10 each (if WWW pass not purchased)










Workshop Passes Available in a variety of packages, as well as individual workshop purchase.


Early Bird rates valid until March 1, then individual and package prices increase.


Private Lesson Registration and Pre-Paymment Available Soon